Tunes of the week

There were quite a few new releases recently and I am loving quite a few of them so I thought I would share my most-listened songs of the week! Enjoy~~

Ansel Elgort – Thief

You probably  know Ansel Elgort from The Fault In Out Stars or The Divergent series. He definitely has a musical side to him as well and after listening to it, you might agree! Fun fact, he shot this music video with his girlfriend.

Beatles – Help


It has been constantly looping in my head after I first listened to it! Its such a great song! I  only know a few Beatles songs but it seems like I would be starting to explore more of their songs!

Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik – I don’t wanna live forever

Let’s be real. Its Zayn and Taylor, probably one of the biggest and most unexpected collabs of the year. At first I was wondering how would the two very different styles come together but it looks like their two styles are made for each other! Their voices goes really well together.

Ed Sheeran – Castle on the hill

Its been a while since Ed has released new music, so I was very excited when he announced he’s going to release some new songs. This song is so Ed. You can tell its written by him from the style and the vibe of the song.

Lady Gaga – Million reasons

This song is so touching. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it. Its such a powerful yet calming song.

Ariana Grande & John Legend – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is my favourite disney princess story!! I was super stoked when I know they were going to do a movie on it. And this duet sounds amazing!! Have been listening to it on repeat.

These songs will probably be on my daily playlist for a while as I can’t seem to shake them off my head. What’s your tunes of the week?

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