Bifesta foaming whip review

I got this Bifesta foaming whip from Okinawa, Japan a couple months ago and I finally got the time to try it out!! Bifesta is a Japanese brand that offers a wide range of facial products, from makeup remover to face wash. Its my first time using a foaming whip(and this brand) but I was really excited for it as they seems so comfy! There are different variations on their foaming whip and I got the moist one. Their face wash is carbonated, so it can give your pores a deep cleanse.

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First of all, can I just point out how cute the package is. Its floral, simple and with pastel colours, such a pretty packaging. I also got the travel-size one, so it looks extra cute!


But does it works as well as it looks?

Yes it does!! I was really impressed with it! You don’t really need a lot from it as a small amount is more than enough to clean your whole face. I really like the feel of it too! Imagine massaging some really soft and fluffy cotton onto your face! The only thing I would criticize, if I have to, is that I find the first time using it a little tricky/messy. When I first used it, after pumping the face wash, there were bits left around the applicator, which I have to clean it up afterwards. But that’s a really minor thing and you kinda get the hang of it as you use it the 2nd/3rd time, so not really a big problem.

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As I wanted to know more about it, I went onto their website and was surprised to find out how detailed their website is. They have a very clear description on each of their products and even have step by step pics to teach you how to use it!! I wish I had gotten a larger bottle as it was really good but hopefully I’ll go to Japan soon, so I can stock up on their products and try a few of the other ones as well!

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