Do you moisturize enough?

Although the weather is getting warmer, I think moisturising our body is important regardless the time of year. Though I’m guilty of not moisturizing daily, I think one of the other important things is that you moisturize your WHOLE body. Sometimes, I tend to forget some parts of my body and it becomes really dry, so I thought I would share some of my ‘neglected’ parts and see if you have the same problem!



As I moisturize my body and face with separate cream, my neck seem to have been neglected as I don’t usually moisturize with the body lotion up to my neck, nor would I apply my face cream down to my neck.  Last time I went for a facial, the lady asked me whether I wanted the mask to be put on my neck as well and she was like ‘if you don’t take good care of your neck now, it’ll be wrinkly when you grow older’. Although this was probably a sales tactic, it in a way reminded me to moisturize my neck after showers.



When I moisturize my arm, I obviously will have gotten over my elbow but do I really apply the lotion deliberately on my elbow? I don’t think so. It is different when you deliberately moisturize that area and when you just go over it swiftly.


For some reason, ankles don’t seem to get much attention probably because you have to bend all the way down to apply the lotion. I now tend to apply a foot cream on my ankles before I go to bed. Although the Lucas’ one is not specifically for foot, I sometimes use it on my ankle as I find it does the job pretty well, leaving my ankle much smoother after a few use.


I don’t know about you but tbh, I never apply cream on my bottom. Its probably because I wear my undergarments before I moisturize. But that part needs equal care as does other body parts!

I am trying to moisturize my whole body after every shower now but there are times where I just feel too tired to do so!! Do you moisturize all the body parts mentioned above? If you do, kudos to you.

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