Food Friday

Food Friday posts have become one of my favourites to write as I get to scroll through tasty food and relive the moment of indulgences I had. This time, its Austrian edition!

I was in Austria a month ago for a ski trip and there was this doughnut hut in the ski resort. They serve these amazing sweet and savoury doughnuts and me and my friend got one each to share. The left one is a savoury one with fried potatoes, bacon and fried egg. The one on the right is with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I find it so hard to choose a favourite between the two!


We also got some pastries/cake from the local supermarkets/cafe. As all the labels are in German, we just randomly bought some to try out. We got a cream bun and a layered crispy bread. The cream bun was really good, with custard cream sandwiched between a bread/doughnut. The triangular bread is crispy on the outside and flaky and soft on the inside. (I apologise for the low quality photo as the lighting in the room was not really good and I just took a quick snap of it)

Some more Austrian pastries! The one on the left is a pastry filled with a custard cream similar to the one in the cream bun. After some research, I found its called Topfengolatsche, which is a square danish with a curd cheese filling. The one on the right is just normal pretzel dough shaped differently.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I love Kinder products, especially the kinder hippos!! I’ve never seen this before and as it looks really yummy, I thought I would give it a try. As it was displayed in the fridge, I guess it is meant to be eaten cold/chilled. The chocolate itself looks exactly the same as the one on the box. There is a thin layer of chocolate shell, filled with chocolate and milk cream.

Last but not least, I got some wafers as snacks throughout the trip and they tasted quite nice. I got the hazelnut flavoured one and I think the picture on the package closely resembles the actual wafer. There is a layer of chocolate wafer, followed by the milk cream, then a layer of chocolate with hazelnuts and finally another layer of wafer!

This rounds up the food for this post! Stay tune for another Food Friday post!

What are some of your favourite food this week?

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