Easter bakespiration

Easter is coming soooon and one thing you can do for every festival/season is baking!! I love baking and Easter is a great time for stirring up baking projects! I thought I would share with you some of my potential Easter baking projects!

1.Chocolate nests

I’ve been seeing this so often and I think they’re really cute. You can also do it in different ways as well, using rice crispie, shredded wheat or pretzels to customize your own nests. I think using this as a cupcake decoration would be a great idea.

2.Easter Bread

This originates in Italy and is one of their traditional dish for Easter. I think the sprinkles and the coloured eggs make it looks really colourful. You can do this with friends and family as well and can colour the eggs together.

3. Carrot Cake


There’s always rabbit-related things during Easter time and rabbits remind me of carrots! Carrots fit quite well with the season spring as well! I guess carrot cake can count as a healthier option too xp

4.Chocolate bark


Chocolate is a must during Easter!!! Since I usually get quite a few confectioneries during Easter, chocolate bark is a good way to use up those sweets.

5. Flower/plant pot cupcake

I’ve always wanted to make this and I think its even more suitable to make it during Easter or spring in general. This would be a great gift for someone. I like those with crumbly bits on top to resemble the mud.

6. Chocolate truffles


If chocolate eggs aren’t your thing, maybe go for chocolate truffles? There are now healthier options, such as using avocado or dates. The best bit is you can decorate your own, like decorating an egg! I thought the little chicks one looks really cute. You can also brighten it up by rolling it in matcha power/shredded coconut/ground nuts/freeze dried fruits or decorate it with coloured chocolate!

I can’t wait to start baking for Easter? Do you have any baking plans for Easter? If you do, what are they?

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