Easter chocolate wish list

Easter is just around the corner and one of the traditions in our family is getting Easter-related chocolates! There are so many gorgeous Easter chocolate out there and I feel like the standards have been increasing year after year. I don’t remember Easter chocolate being that fancy when I was young!


Hotel Chocolat – Extra Thick Easter Egg, rocky road to caramel (bottom right). I love how thick the shell is and it is filled with cookies and puffed rice! Inside the egg, there’s another surprise, filled with some of their signature chocolate.

Marks & Spencer – Percy and Penny. Growing up, I loved the percy pig gummy, so when I saw this, I was really excited for it!

Marks & Spencer – Quirky Bunny (top row middle one) A more sophisticated/chic version of your normal chocolate bunny!

Harrods – Milk chocolate hazelnut easter egg. An easter egg filled with caramelised hazelnuts with a praline chocolate shell!!

Bettys – Pink Shimmer Easter Egg. I think this would look great as a decoration whether you would eat it or not!

Paxton chocolate – Half matcha green tea & sea salt caramel. Say what?! Easter eggs are now no longer ‘chocolate’ flavoured! I think this would be a great alternative to the traditional chocolate easter eggs!

Fortnum and Mason – Speckled goose eggs in a basket. A great option for sharing!

I wish I could eat all these easter chocolate! I better start working out now so I can indulge in all the chocolates!!

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