Food Friday

The weather is getting warmer now, which means the ice cream season is getting started!! On this post, I will talk about all things ice-cream-related!

1.Churro ice cream

I’ve been seeing the churro cones/cups a lot lately and it seemed like a cool idea to use churro to ‘carry’ your ice cream, mixing two of my favourite things together!

2. Ice cream sandwich


Totally instagram-worthy!! There are different kinds of sandwiches right now that ranges from doughnuts to macaroon!! I would love to try one of those gigantic ice cream macaroon!

3. Bubble waffle with ice cream

I’m so happy and proud to see this Hong Kong street snack take-off and become one of the most-buzzed about desserts of all time. Bubble waffle or egg waffle (a more common name in HK) is one of my favourite street food! It tastes similar to a waffle but with a slightly different texture. A crunchy shell with a soft and slightly chewy centre, like biting into pillows of cloud! They now have these amazing ice cream creations and everyone of them looks scrumptious!

4. Candy floss with ice cream

I want one just so I can take a picture of it :p They look so pretty and magical. The one on the right is from Milk Train, in Covent Garden, London and I definitely will go try it out sometime soon.

5. Ice cream roll

So technically, this is just ice cream but in another form!! I have seen it everywhere now and it just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I’ve also seen videos of how they make it and it is just mesmerising. You can also add almost anything into it as they cut the ingredients into the milk and mix it up.

Even if I can eat ice cream everyday, I don’t think I’ll be able to try all of them!! There are endless ice cream creations/flavours out there I still need to try! Did I miss any ice cream-related desserts? Comment down below if I have!

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