What I eat in a day

Hi everyone, I’m planning to do some “what I eat in a day” posts this summer, so I can kinda control myself to eat appropriately and remind myself to eat more healthily. I love reading/watching “what I eat in a day” posts/videos for inspirations when preparing meals. The first post I’m doing is in London. … More What I eat in a day

Summer bakespiration

Every time I’m on holiday, it will mean baking time for me!! By now, my friends and family know that I will whip up something during lunch/dinner parties to share with them. For any bakers out there, do you ever feel baking for others is always much more satisfying than baking for yourself? For my … More Summer bakespiration

Coconut pancakes

Summer here I come!! I thought I would welcome summer with some tropical vibes – coconut pancake!! I made someย pancakes the past weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by how two simple ingredients could spice up a basic pancake.ย These are just simple American pancakes but I’ve added two coconut products to make it super coconuty!! … More Coconut pancakes

A little update

Hello everyone ~~ I finally finished my A-levels and am officially starting my summer!! I am so excited for this summer. I have actually gone to Barcelona for my graduation trip, so I’ll do a post soon about it. Keep an eye for more posts coming soon:) Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. … More A little update