Collateral Beauty – review

I don’t think I have ever felt such strong emotions after watching a film. I know this film was released last year but I have only watched it recently on the flight. I think this film wasn’t one of those big hits as I don’t seem to hear about it much when it was released. I didn’t have much expectations when I first watched the film as I don’t know much about it. I recall watching the trailer when it was released but don’t really remember the details.


Spoiler alert!! (I’ll try not to reveal too much :p) The main character Howard (played by Will Smith) suffered from a tragedy that completely changed his live. His friends tried to rescue him from his misery by allowing him to communicate with his three most dearest abstractions – Time, Love and Death. Throughout the movie, Howard struggled with the three abstractions and questioned their existence.


However, I was most touched by the ending when Howard finally reunites with a very special person. I was kinda blown away by the ending when the true identity of the special person was revealed. When the movie ended, I had to take a few moments to process the movie and understand all the emotions. I heard some critics about this film but I think this was overall a really good movie. It is one of those films that I would re-watch!

If you have watched this film, what did you think? If you want something a bit different to the usual romance films, I highly recommend this to you.

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