Coconut pancakes

Summer here I come!! I thought I would welcome summer with some tropical vibes – coconut pancake!! I made some pancakes the past weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by how two simple ingredients could spice up a basic pancake. These are just simple American pancakes but I’ve added two coconut products to make it super coconuty!!

Look at that pancake stack!! Nothing more satisfying than stacking a tower of pancakes!! I added some dark chocolate chips in it as I needed to use them up.

I found a random pancake recipe online (I already forgot which recipe I used:p) and replaced the plain yogurt with coconut yogurt and the milk with coconut milk. I didn’t realise how big the difference would be by switching two simple products. As those were the only ingredients I have on hand, I just used them instead. I love coconut products, so I was really pleased with how it turned out. I wish I had coconut flakes, so I could add it as a topping.

(I will improve my photo taking skills this summer:/) As I have some yogurt left, I put the remaining on top to decorate it and substituted it for honey for a (kinda) more healthy option!

You don’t have to substitute it with coconut products. You could use strawberry, hazelnut, almond… There are endless combinations! Try this out next time you’re making pancakes!

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