Summer bakespiration

Every time I’m on holiday, it will mean baking time for me!! By now, my friends and family know that I will whip up something during lunch/dinner parties to share with them. For any bakers out there, do you ever feel baking for others is always much more satisfying than baking for yourself? For my summer bakespiration, it will be all about fruits!!! Fruits are one of the highlights for summer as most of my favourites are best in summer season!

1.Smoothie bowl

Are you bored of just drinking smoothie?? Make a smoothie bowl instead!! Just use frozen fruits and greek yogurt and you’ll have an amazing summer treat! This can be a  breakfast, brunch or a snack! I love putting different toppings on it and my current favourite is coconut flakes.

2. Vegan cheesecake

I’ve wanted to make this for a long time as it seems too good to be true! An almost guilt-free cheesecake?! (for those who are unfamiliar, vegan cheesecake uses cashews and dates instead of cream cheese and digestives, so its a much healthier option) I’m planning to finally make it this summer, hopefully sometime soon. As you freeze it instead of baking it, I think it could be another great summer dessert!

3. Invisible apple cake


This is not especially a summer treat but I saw this on flipboard the other day and I really want to bake it! This cake consists of lots of super thin layers of apples with a custard-cake-like batter.

4. Banana ice cream


You probably have heard about this before and I have read this so many times by now yet I still haven’t manage to make it. You basically freeze banana slices and blitz it in a mixer until they are smooth. Yet another “healthier” desert option:) You can also make different flavours by adding different ingredients such as cocoa powder, cinnamon or fresh fruits!

5. Cool ice lollies

I guess we’ve all made ice lollies before but I always see these cool ice lollies with ombre colours or different fruits in it from pinterest and tumblr. I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult, so hopefully I’ll get to make it soooon:p

So what did you think about this bakespiration? Will you make any of those?

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