What I eat in a day

Hi everyone, I’m planning to do some “what I eat in a day” posts this summer, so I can kinda control myself to eat appropriately and remind myself to eat more healthily. I love reading/watching “what I eat in a day” posts/videos for inspirations when preparing meals.

The first post I’m doing is in London. I was with my sister in London a while ago and I thought I could share what we ate in that day with you!



I had a simple breakfast. Yogurt with muesli, apple, banana and blueberry. I love yogurt as it is very versatile, you can eat it with almost anything! I bought Rachel’s fig & honey flavoured yogurt. I guess the yogurt was ok as the fig and honey flavour can be barely tasted.


We went out for lunch to Bones Daddies at St Christopher’s Place. We shared a korean fried chicken wings and salmon tartar with lime wasabi ponzu. Both the wings and salmon tartar was really good, I seldom eat whole wings in restaurants in UK as it doesn’t seem to be as popular but I feel like eating the whole wing (i.e with the drumstick and the tip) is much more satisfying and worth your money as you get more! I also liked how they serve the sauce in a dropper, so you can add as much as you like to the salmon. They also had some fried lotus slices, which was thin and crispy. I had a curry chicken ramen as my main, however, I think the starters tasted better than the main. Go check this restaurant out when you are around in London. They have quite a few branches around London.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We cooked dinner and we had lamb chops with cherry tomatoes and some veg. I know some people don’t like eating lamb as there is this “strong” taste that not everyone can take. I usually stay away from carb during dinner as I feel like I don’t need much energy at night as I won’t do much work.

So this is all I ate during the day. Tbh, I usually snack throughout the day but since I’m mostly out that day, I didn’t have any snack (maybe a kitkat bar?! I forgot:p)

So what did you think about this post? Would you like to see more of these?

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