Brunch and Cake (Barcelona)

I went to this really cute restaurant/cafe for lunch in Barcelona a while ago and it was one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Barcelona. I think this restaurant is quite well-known as I’ve seen it on the web a few times before but since its my first time trying, I thought I would share the food I had.

All the food on the menu sounded delicious, we’ve had a hard time to choose which one to order! We’ve ended up ordering an acai blue bowl, a vegetarian burger, a lobster roll, an egg benedict, and a protein bowl. The presentation of the food looks amazing!! I think I can consider this meal to be quite healthy as well as all the food comes with a bunch of greens on the side:p

I got a drink as well and the one I got is blueberry bomb, with coconut milk, blueberry, banana and chia seeds. The drink alone is actually quite filling, so I would suggest either sharing a drink or sharing the food. For the lobster roll, there’s a syringe filled with avocado puree for an extra shot avocado!

A closer look at the egg benedict and the protein bowl. There’s a twist on egg benedict. A waffle is used instead of English muffins. The eggs are coloured pink as well. I think they dyed it with beet juice or some other food. The protein bowl has some brown rice, quinoa, broccoli and other greens. Both tasted amazing!!


I’ve always wanted to try an acai bowl and I finally got the chance to try it out!! It looks very magical and fantasy-like when it was served. It was topped with granola, dried fruits, fresh fruits (can you spot the flower-shaped banana?) and flowers! The acai bowl tasted like mixed berry but I think it was frozen, so the texture is like a sorbet and melts very quickly as well. I was actually expecting more of a thick smoothie-like texture but it ended up to be a bit different. As this is my first time trying out acai bowl, I don’t know if this is what it should taste like or if this was just a bit different than the others.

How can we forget about desserts!! We got a red velvet cake and a berry chocolate cake to share. They were both really good.  The icing wasn’t too sweet for me and I love the slight tangy taste from the vinegar in the red velvet cake.

I’m drooling just from writing this post! I really wish I could visit them soon.  Hopefully they will open up a branch in Hong Kong in the near future. Do visit them when you’re in Barcelona. They have a few shops around, so its not too hard to find!

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