About me :)

Hello world~~

Welcome to my blog! Living in this amazing world, I love all things about life, culture, beauty and how can we forget about food :p. I’m from Hong Kong, which is an international city packed with exciting adventures, breath-taking sceneries and exquisite dining experiences. If you are not familiar with Hong Kong, you should definitely google it and check it out.  Having travelled to a few countries, mostly in Asia, I am inspired by the array of cultures around the world. Two of my utmost favourite places have to be Hokkaido and Bali (you should put it in you vacation bucket list). Their lifestyle is laid back and peaceful, always surrounded by serenity, its always a joy staying there.

I am also into fashion, beauty and music. I like to mix and match current trends, while adding my own style! Though I am no expert at makeup, I am eager to learn more about it and hopefully share some of my thoughts with you in the future. With music, I am huge fan of American and British pop music. Cody Simpson, One Direction, 5 SOS, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift… are some of my favorites!

I created this blog La Vie In Amour, French in ‘life in love’, as a little diary, posting bits and pieces of what I love and sharing it with you and hopefully discover more about life by exchanging ideas with you!

I truly believe in the saying ‘You have to see the world with your own eyes’. One of my dreams is to travel around the world and meet people with different cultures, hopefully this blog will inspire you to do the same and set foot on an extraordinary journey! xx

Life in Love 🙂


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