FASHION!!! My favourite. I like to experiment, mix and match and look for inspirations from different magazines or blogs. Fashion is all about having fun. Check out my posts and enjoy! 

Current favourite style: Wrap topstop3



I bought two wrap tops recently and have been loving the wrap top-style sweaters/tops. I think they look really elegant and also look dancer-like because I used to wear this style of cardigans when I have dance practice. The first one I got is from American Eagle and it ties around the waist. The structure of … Continue Reading


Favourite Jacket

Mini blogmas day 4 Hope everyone’s having a great week!! I recently got this faux fur lined denim jacket and I’m obsessed with it!! So this is the denim jacket! I got it from Cotton On and it was 50% off as well, so it was a great deal. The design of the coat is … Continue Reading




Another OOTD post! I went to a beach/chapel wedding last week in Okinawa and I thought I would share my outfit for that since the outfit was totally last-minute. I originally planned to wear a white off-the-shoulder jumpsuit to the wedding I mentioned in my Korean Clothing Haul post. However, after I went to the … Continue Reading


Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger collection

So I’m sure most of you will know about the latest collaboration between Gigi and Tommy Hilfiger. Its officially on sale right now and there are so many pieces I want to get! However as this collection is on the pricier side as we would have guessed (after all one’s a supermodel and the other’s … Continue Reading


Fall Coat Inspiration

Fall is approaching and its time to change our wardrobes!! I like to play with layering in fall, which is especially suitable for the UK weather, so I thought I will share with you some of the fall coats inspiration. I love bomber jackets and it seems to be the IT clothing item recently. I especially … Continue Reading


9/9/2016Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Korean Clothing Haul

Following up from my Korean beauty haul, here’s a Korean clothing haul! I thought I got quite a lot but as I take my clothes out for this haul, I realised I didn’t get as much as I thought:o T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts… One can never have too many T-shirts! There are literally millions of different … Continue Reading


Slip dress over T-shirt trend

This trend has been around for some time and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It was worn by almost every celebrity, from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna. I don’t really know where this trend started but it seems like everyone’s getting on board with this trend. It is essentially wearing a slip dress/ spaghetti… Continue Reading


Summer Style Steal

I always look for outfit inspirations online and while I was scrolling through different summer outfits, Alli’s style caught my attention as it looks comfy and simple. She’s Cody Simpson’s sister, a singer/model and is from Gold Coast, Australia. I would say her style is casual, chic and laid back. This outfit is perfect for… Continue Reading


Hey guys, I’m going to do an outfit post today! This is a little late OOTD since this look is from my trip to Harry Potter Studio. It has been a cool spring/summer here in UK, so hopefully this outfit is still relevant for this time of year. I wore this H&M biker jacket over… Continue Reading


Black Friday online shoppingLoupe-p0iw9a0v

ITS BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! Although UK doesn’t celebrate as much as the US, there are still some decent sales around stores. It is actually my first Black Friday here in UK and I was really excited!! The shops here in UK usually closes at around 6-7 but because its Black Friday… Continue Reading


Fall Clothing item – Cape1cape

Cape seems to be the next must-have fall clothing item. More and more stores are selling capes and more and more celebs are rocking them. There are an array of capes, ranging from formal ones to casual ones. Some of them even comes in wool which makes… Continue Reading



Fall time means its time for boots! Those stylish, warm, nice-looking boots, that ranges from leather to suede! I’m just excited even talking about it!! This fall, it seems like thigh high/knee high boots are the IT shoes and everyone is talking about it. I want a pair so badly, however, you really have to… Continue Reading


Favourite fall colourfall2

Fall is finally here! Pumpkin spice latte(my fav) is everywhere and Halloween decorations are on sale. As I’m taking out my fall clothing, I can’t help but notice all my clothing items seems to be in a certain colour, which is also one of my favourite colours. Its maroon/burgundy!!! This colour just reminds me of… Continue Reading



Summer to Fall transition clothinghat2

As much as I hate to admit summer is almost over, September has came and fall is coming. Stores are changing their clothes and the weather is also slowly changing. I sometimes find it hard to dress in between seasons like summer to fall as it can still be hot at times but when it rains… Continue Reading




Jumpsuits for every occasion!romper2

Jumpsuits/rompers are so trendy right now. No matter what season of the year, what occasion you are going, you can always find the right jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are perfect because you don’t have to pick out an outfit and go through the process of thinking whether this goes with that. All in all, its alread Casual I… Continue Reading.




Short hairstyle inspirationhair2

Its pretty hot here in summer and since I’m thinking of cutting my hair, I’ve been looking for short hair inspirations. I’ve had long hair for a long time, almost all my life, my hair length has always been below my shoulders or just touching… Continue Reading.




Beautycon Stylebeautycon5

Beautycon was held in LA last week and there are some pretty cool styles. Most of them are relaxed, laid-back looks that don’t fail to look chic at the same time. I love exploring these outfits as they… Continue Reading.






Summer hairstyles IdeasLoupe-ufzba1tw

Its summer time and it can get quite hot here in Hong Kong. As I have long hair, it sometimes can be quite unbearable under the extreme heat. Therefore, I always like to try out new hairstyles… Continue Reading.


Perfect dress for summer!Stripe overlay dress - navy stripe

I bought this overlay dress the other day at Gap and wore it yesterday. I then realized how versatile the dress is! As the top tank part can be removed from the dress underneath, you can totally switch it up and pair it… Continue Reading





2015 Swimwear Trends

Its officially summer for me!!! This means I can go to the beach, pool, park, mall… and have fun. Swimwear is a summer essential. From cover ups to bikinis, there are a variety of swimwear. I think whether you are a pool/beach girl, you should still own a set of decent swimwear just in case… Continue Reading


Summer essentials/fashion!summer

Summer have just started! I have this love and hate relationship with summer as it can get really hot at times but at the same time I really enjoy all the pool and beach time and… Continue Reading


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