I enjoy a carefree, relaxing lifestyle. Check out some of my adventures or little DIY projects and ideas for more inspiration.

July favourites


I can’t believe its already August!! I’m half way through my summer… To start August, I’m going to do a July favourites. I haven’t done a favourites post in a long time, so here you go! 1.Volumizing shampoo by Mades Recipes I forgot how much I love this shampoo! I bought this a long time … Continue Reading

Collateral Beauty – review


I don’t think I have ever felt such strong emotions after watching a film. I know this film was released last year but I have only watched it recently on the flight. I think this film wasn’t one of those big hits as I don’t seem to hear about it much when it was released. … Continue Reading

A little update


Hello everyone ~~ I finally finished my A-levels and am officially starting my summer!! I am so excited for this summer. I have actually gone to Barcelona for my graduation trip, so I’ll do a post soon about it. Keep an eye for more posts coming soon:) Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. … Continue Reading

De-stress tips



I apologise for the big time gap since my last post but I am currently preparing for my A levels, so this will be my last post until I finish my exams… Since its the exam season, I feel it is appropriate to do a de-stress post, plus I kinda need that too, however, this …  Continue Reading


Do you moisturize enough?cream3


Although the weather is getting warmer, I think moisturising our body is important regardless the time of year. Though I’m guilty of not moisturizing daily, I think one of the other important things is that you moisturize your WHOLE body. Sometimes, I tend to forget some parts of my body and it becomes really dry, so … Continue Reading

Tunes of the weektune


There were quite a few new releases recently and I am loving quite a few of them so I thought I would share my most-listened songs of the week! Enjoy~~ Ansel Elgort – Thief You probably  know Ansel Elgort from The Fault In Out Stars or The Divergent series. He definitely has a musical side to … Continue Reading

24/12/2016Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Lush Santa’s belly shower jelly review

Mini blogmas day 7 (Its Christmas eve!!!!) I received the santa’s belly shower jelly as my secret santa gift and I thought I would do a review on it!! I love the bright red colour of this shower jelly, which totally fits the festive atmosphere! The smell of this is really festive as well, with a … Continue Reading



Christmas Playlist

Mini blogmas day 6 I love listening to Christmas songs and I usually start listening to them during the end of November to help me get through my school work. I do have a playlist of all the Christmas songs I listen to so I thought I would share some of my favourite albums with you … Continue Reading


Christmas Wishlist

Mini blogmas day 2 Dear Santa, here’s my Christmas wishlist…   1.Faux fur vamp sandals – Zara 2.Stardust – Quay Australia 3.Faux leather skinny pants – Nordstrom 4.The Halfnote boot – Stuart Weitzman 5.Faux fur slouchy beanie – Free People 6. Nautical backpack – Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid 7. Eau de toilette – Repetto What’s … Continue Reading


Christmas Gift Ideaspiccollage

I really wanted to do some sort of Christmas celebration on this blog since I’ve been seeing so much blogmas. As I don’t have time to do a month of blogmas, I decided to do a mini one-week blogmas!! So to start off this blogmas, I’m going to blog about gift ideas. I love Christmas shopping … Continue Reading


100 Followers 🙂100

I’ve just reached 100 followers on this blog La Vie in Amour!! Thank you guys so much for following my blog and commenting on it. Sorry for disappearing for a while because I am just super busy at the moment. Once I start my holidays, hopefully I’ll be able to get back on my blogging … Continue Reading



Another post on man crush monday!! Since The Flash resumed, I thought he has to be in one of my MCM posts. Its Grant Gustin!! He started off playing Baby John in West Side Story and went onto Glee as Sebastian. He can sing, act and dance!! Definitely worth a spot on my MCM! I … Continue Reading


Travel Vacation Tips

Given I have been travelling for quite a few times recently, I think I have acquired a decent amount of little tips along each trip to better prepare for the next vacation, so I thought I would share it with you guys! 1. Carry light on plane I don’t know about you but I like to … Continue Reading

Hello there~~Here I present you my May favourites:) New Look Puff backpack This is the sort of packback you’ll either love or hate. I ordered this online as it was on sale and when I got it, I immediately fell in love with it! This is a really simplistic backpack, with some gold detailing on… Continue Reading

Sorry for disappearing for the past weeks as I will be having my exams soon. However, I went to the Harry Potter World  in London two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I wish I’m back there right now… Exams are the worst, so I thought I’ll do this blog post to help me get… Continue Reading

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started blogging! I didn’t even realise it until I logged in to my wordpress account with this notification waiting for me. This year has been both rewarding and enjoyable. I have certainly gained quite a few tips on blogging through my experiences and have also… Continue Reading



Stop using these face wash!face2

Exfoliating facial washes are great for unclogging our pores and are a great way to deeply cleanse our skin. However, recent studies show that they are terrible for our environment and the marine life. The exfoliate bits are basically small plastic beads, which are really hard to disintegrate. When they are washed off into the… Continue Reading


New singer on the look outnate

I love music and music is a big part of my life. I listen to music while I’m travelling, reading or writing… I’m constantly looking for new music and recently, I found this new singer that I’m really into and thought I would share it with you guys! He is a singer, song writer from… Continue Reading


TV shows I can’t wait to come back ontv

I am a huge TV show binge watcher. I love watching different TV dramas, from Pretty little liars to Modern family to Once upon a time, I just can’t get enough of them! I’m sure you have experienced the long awaiting period of time when your favourite TV show is on break or the season… Continue Reading


Workout ideas!app

Working out can sometimes be a pain, especially in the winter. Personally, I like to have different workouts every session so I won’t get bored with my workout routine. To get me through my workouts, I have a few ideas that might help you. 1. Find a/ a group of friend(s) to workout with you… Continue Reading


Happy New Year!happy-new-year-2015

Happy New year everyone!!! Its my first new year on blogging and I’m so excited for 2016. It has been a great year 2015, with many new friends and family, experiencing new things and exploring new countries. I do have a habit of doing New Years resolution but I seldom follow them through, so this… Continue Reading


Christmas Wishlistxmas

December is here and it means Christmas time!!! I saw everyone taking out their Christmas decorations and shops are now putting up their Christmas trees as well!!! One of the best things here in UK is that they celebrate Christmas super early, after all the Halloween stuff are taken down… Continue Reading


Pretty Little Liars Finalepll2

The Pretty Little Liars finale just aired the past Tuesday and I just watched it. Before I watch it, I already knew who was A through all the social media and loads of people kept talking about it. I can’t possibly contain all my emotions with this finale. To those who haven’t watched it or… Continue Reading.


Henna ExperienceMe and my sister's henna

So I went to a fun fair the past weekend and got a henna. Henna is a traditional Indian art that is applied on hands on festive occasions. It was a really hot day, one of the hottest in Hong Kong during this summer, 37°C . Me and my sister saw they have free henna… Continue Reading



Woman Crush Wednesdaywcw

Another post on my celebrity crushes! This week, my female crush is Angelina Jolie. She’s is an obvious pick for my first WCW. Her gorgeous looks are inherited from her parents which have a diverse background, that ranges from German, Slovak, French-Canadian to Dutch… She was on numerous magazine covers such as cosmopolitan, vanity fair and marie claire.… Continue Reading


Tune of the weekphoto 5 (1)

Songs are a big part of my daily routine and below are a few of my favourites throughout the week. Sam Smith – Stay With Me . Ed Sheeran  – Shirtsleeves . . Cody Simpson – Free . . Shawn Mendes… Continue Reading





Dream Destination!

I have a ton of dream destinations in my vacation bucket list but can you guess where this is? Its Maldives!!! I have been seeing loads of photos and videos of Maldives and it seems like a piece of heaven… Continue Reading.


Man Crush Monday

Its Monday again and to get the Monday blues away, let’s talk about man crush monday! As this is my first post on MCM, I’ll dedicate this post to my favourite artist /singer/ songwriter/musician Cody Simpson… Continue Reading.



Versatile Blogger Award

What a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning! I found out I was nominated by telle (Go check out her blog, its amazing!) for the versatile blogger award.  I was thrilled and stoked to be nominated. Thank you very much… Continue Reading


Afternoon Tea

As I got a coupon for a buy one get one free tea set. Me and my sister went to Cedele to try out their tea sets! Cedele is a bakery/pastry/cake cafe. As you stepped into the restaurant, it is filled with a chilled and relaxing atmosphere… Continue Reading


Favourite Youtubers

YouTube is growing rapidly in recent years and is slowly taking over the entertainment industry. I’m addicted to YouTube videos!! From cute cat videos to funny skits, I can’t stop watching… Continue Reading




June FavouritesLoupe-kjef9jkg

Hi guys 🙂 I thought I will share with you some of my June favourites! I have tried out quite a few new beauty products the past month and loved some of them… 1. Leaders Insolution face masks. This face mask is sooo good! It is not only…Continue reading.


Mothers’ Day Ideas!

Mothers’ Day is in a week! Every once in a while, we face those situations where we just needed a listener or a comforter around and as always, our mom will always be around to help us… Continue Reading.


Hike, Hike Hike…

A breath of fresh air, the view of beautiful scenery and rays of sunshine… All the perks of hiking! I went on a hike a few days ago and have rekindled my love with hiking… Continue Reading.

5/4/2015Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

An Afternoon in the nature

Its always good to be in the nature once in a while, away from the busy lifestyle and the concrete jungle. Barbecue is one of my all time favorite activities and since its a Sunday and the weather is just right, barbecue sounds the right thing to do… Continue Reading



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