A little update

Hello everyone ~~ I finally finished my A-levels and am officially starting my summer!! I am so excited for this summer. I have actually gone to Barcelona for my graduation trip, so I’ll do a post soon about it. Keep an eye for more posts coming soon:) Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. … More A little update

De-stress tips

I apologise for the big time gap since my last post but I am currently preparing for my A levels, so this will be my last post until I finish my exams… Since its the exam season, I feel it is appropriate to do a de-stress post, plus I kinda need that too, however, this … More De-stress tips

Food Friday

The weather is getting warmer now, which means the ice cream season is getting started!! On this post, I will talk about all things ice-cream-related! 1.Churro ice cream I’ve been seeing the churro cones/cups a lot lately and it seemed like a cool idea to use churro to ‘carry’ your ice cream, mixing two of my … More Food Friday

Easter bakespiration

Easter is coming soooon and one thing you can do for every festival/season is baking!! I love baking and Easter is a great time for stirring up baking projects! I thought I would share with you some of my potential Easter baking projects! 1.Chocolate nests I’ve been seeing this so often and I think they’re … More Easter bakespiration

Food Friday

Food Friday posts have become one of my favourites to write as I get to scroll through tasty food and relive the moment of indulgences I had. This time, its Austrian edition! I was in Austria a month ago for a ski trip and there was this doughnut hut in the ski resort. They serve these amazing sweet … More Food Friday

Austria ski trip

I went to Austria for a week to learn how to ski! It was a school trip and all we did was non stop skiing! I skied for 5 hours a day for 5 consecutive days. Its my first time travelling to any European countries let alone seeing snow in real life! I was really … More Austria ski trip