Rabbit Island?

I came across ‘rabbit island’ while I was scrolling through facebook the other day and was intrigued to find out more about it. Apparently, there is this island in Hiroshima that has hundred of rabbits all over it. After some research, I found out it is located on an island called Ōkunoshima. The reason why it … More Rabbit Island?

Food Friday!!

Its Friday and its time for another Food Friday post!! These are some of the good food I had during the Christmas/new year holiday. Enjoy!! There’s this new Japanese restaurant in the Wanchai pier in Hong Kong and they say their seafood are freshly delivered everyday from Japan. There are a few different stores in … More Food Friday!!

Tbt: Korean Trip

Happy New Year!!! Sorry for the delayed post since new year. Its one of the busiest times right now at school and I can’t stop thinking about the trip I went on to Korea. I want my holiday back!!! If anyone of you can relate then hopefully the photos from my trip can help you … More Tbt: Korean Trip

Christmas playlist

Mini blogmas day 6 I love listening to Christmas songs and I usually start listening to them during the end of November to help me get through my school work. I do have a playlist of all the Christmas songs I listen to so I thought I would share some of my favourite albums with you … More Christmas playlist

Favourite jacket

Mini blogmas day 4 Hope everyone’s having a great week!! I recently got this faux fur lined denim jacket and I’m obsessed with it!! So this is the denim jacket! I got it from Cotton On and it was 50% off as well, so it was a great deal. The design of the coat is … More Favourite jacket