Starting uni…

Heyy all, I’ve just returned from an orientation camp and I’m kinda nervous about starting school on Monday. As I’m the latest to join the course, I still don’t know well the students. I’ve always heard uni will be very different to high school. At first, I didn’t really believe it cause after all its … More Starting uni…

DIY almond milk

I made almond milk for the first time and it was fun and simple! I drink almond milk from time to time but the almond milk sold in Hong Kong are quite expensive as they are usually imported, so it is a bit pricier. I have seen videos/recipes of almond milk, saying how simple it … More DIY almond milk

I made sushi?!

I kinda made sushi the past weekend and it was tasty and fun!! I bought this pack from Okinawa, Japan a while ago and its DIY sushi candy! Although the whole thing is in Japanese, there are pictures at the back to guide me how to make it. Its fairly easy. The pack makes tuna, … More I made sushi?!

July Favourites

I can’t believe its already August!! I’m half way through my summer… To start August, I’m going to do a July favourites. I haven’t done a favourites post in a long time, so here you go! 1.Volumizing shampoo by Mades Recipes I forgot how much I love this shampoo! I bought this a long time … More July Favourites

What I eat in a day

Hi everyone, I’m planning to do some “what I eat in a day” posts this summer, so I can kinda control myself to eat appropriately and remind myself to eat more healthily. I love reading/watching “what I eat in a day” posts/videos for inspirations when preparing meals. The first post I’m doing is in London. … More What I eat in a day

Summer bakespiration

Every time I’m on holiday, it will mean baking time for me!! By now, my friends and family know that I will whip up something during lunch/dinner parties to share with them. For any bakers out there, do you ever feel baking for others is always much more satisfying than baking for yourself? For my … More Summer bakespiration

Coconut pancakes

Summer here I come!! I thought I would welcome summer with some tropical vibes – coconut pancake!! I made someΒ pancakes the past weekend and I was pleasantly surprised by how two simple ingredients could spice up a basic pancake.Β These are just simple American pancakes but I’ve added two coconut products to make it super coconuty!! … More Coconut pancakes